Creating beauty with intention.

Bespoke Beauty helps patients look like their best selves, while prioritizing natural results and customized treatments within medical aesthetics. Led by Nurse Sheena, we specialize in anti-aging and wellness treatments using premium medical products and the best injection techniques. 

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Creating Your Definition Of Beauty

Led by Nurse Sheena, a highly trained Medical Aesthetic Provider in Edmonton, Bespoke Beauty is dedicated to helping patients achieve natural beauty results.  Our injection style is best for patients who would like to enhance their natural beauty and improve facial balancing.

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Smooth and Tighten

Lift and

Restore and Prevent

Skin Brightening and Hair Growth

Non-Surgical Body Treatments

Nurse Sheena takes the beauty that exists in you innately and works hard to create the most beautiful you. Your results will look undetectable by friends, but keep them asking: “what is your secret?” Nurse Sheena provides a judgment free zone to discuss your goals and ask every question you’ve ever wanted to know about beauty and anti-aging in aesthetic medicine. Nurse Sheena is also a clinical trainer for a premium cosmetic pharmaceutical company. She also trains and teaches physicians and nurses beginner and advanced cosmetic injection techniques. 

Bespoke Beauty is on a mission to help patients look their best. We pride ourselves on:

Treating With the best and most cutting edge injection techniques

providing natural-looking, timeless, and unique Results

Maintaining a very high standard of care & Safety

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Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers

(Botox, Dysport, Nuceiva)

Anti-wrinkle injections help address wrinkles and fine lines to provide a smoother and youthful complexion. Dermal fillers help enhance facial contours and replace lost volume. They can be used throughout the face and neck for beautiful, long lasting results. 

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Signature Treatment!

Sculpt and Balance™

Sculpt and Balance™ is a treatment created by Nurse Sheena that works with your custom goals to harmonize and balance the face, but also create beautiful and subtle contours of the face. This one of a kind treatment is done using the top injection techniques incorporated to your ethnic background.

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Collagen Stimulation Injections

(Sculptra and Radiesse)

Collagen stimulation helps to improve skin integrity, thicken tissue, and create a beautiful natural result that lasts 3-5 years. These products can be used in the face, neck, and body. 

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"Sheena is one of the most talented injectors in Edmonton. I have been getting injections for the past 10 years. Throughout the years I have seen different Doctors and Nurse injectors and Sheena is outstanding!"


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Use this tool twice per day alongside any serum or facial oil to help increase skin vitality, circulation, reduce puffiness, and contour! You will notice a beautiful contour within 2 weeks of using the SCULPT IT consistently. Benefits are seen after just one use!


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Let Your outer version reflect the beauty within You.

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